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We wish you a happy new year, with a little touch of French mustard!

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.” - Edith L. Pierce

Waking up on new year's day always feels refreshing (minus the occasional hangover), and of all days, this day brings renewal. This year is going to be full of big things for us here at the studio and we can't wait to share the details with lovely brides and grooms, and anyone else who loves the vintage inspired!

And to ring in this new year, here's an inspiration board with rustic dove and mustards touches, to match December's our most adored invitation from our studio.

Happy new year to all... and may there be LOVE!
xoxo... Vintage Invites - Stationery & Event design

Rosette Bobby Pins by Pony Up Designs on Etsy
Lovely rustic hanging bottle vases photographed by W Scott Chester Photography
Gorgeous necklace by Stella & Dot photographed by Michael + Anna Costa Photographers as seen on Style Me Pretty
Grey and Mustard hankies photographed by Love Is a Big Deal seen on Wedding Chicks
Alternative for escort cards as seen on Green Wedding Shoes
Last Year's Lace print photographed by Carl Christensen on Etsy
I Carry Your Heart With Me necklace by Simag Jewelry on Etsy
Lovely Dragonfly Settee Found Design Miami


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Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet...

Our creative director Josephine got engage a couple of months ago, and we've been meaning to share a few details of this little happening... In Jo's words: "He proposed, down by the docks, by the ocean, in the pouring rain, under an umbrella, wrapped in blankets with hot lattes in our hands. I said yes! It was perfect."
Here are a few shots from that memorable evening back in the end of August, the umbrella and the ring! Jonas & Jo will tie the knot in October of 2012 in Cannes, France!!! We are more than honored that Three Nails Photography will be crossing the pond to go on this adventure with us and capture all he magic of these lovebirds' big day. Life is oh so sweet...

Josephine and Jonas have a history of walking in the rain, by the ocean, with wild winds howling and heavenly drops falling heavily on rosy cheeks... In honor of this romance, here is a rain themed inspiration board.


xoxo... Vintage Invites - Stationery & Event design 

Sweet soft birdcage veil by Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe
Cameo shoe clips by Pomp and Plumage on Etsy
Vintage mason jars sold on Etsy by AM Radio
Paris photography by Metro Line 6 on Etsy
World map illustration by Jessica Durrant
Sea of Love - Amazing engagement shoot by Three Nails Photography
The Winter Edition of the Philippa Invitation by Vintage Invites
Map cuff links by White Truffle on Etsy
Vintage Camera sold on Etsy by Sweet Love Vintage
Gorgeous pottery by New Moon Studio on Etsy
I "pick" you copper guitar pick by The Copper Poppy on Etsy
Silver stackable ocean blue rings by Kira Ferrer on Etsy
Turquoise clay pendents by Rafya on Etsy



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The Vintage Holiday Bride

We love showcasing artists we consider our friends, our mentors, as well as new discoveries. This inspiration board is a perfect mix of all these things. Happy holidays everyone!
Love from us at Vintage Invites - Stationery & Event design


Red hearts banner by Funkyshique on Etsy
The Emily Travel Themed Passport Wedding Invitation by Vintage Invites
Gorgeous vintage winter photo shoot by Three Nails Photography
Sweet flapper Cloche hat, amazingly handmade by  Behida Dolic
Recycled wood Thank You signs by William Dohman on Etsy
Gorgeous bridal shoot by Branco Prata
Fabric bouquet with lace & brooch accents by Innstyches on Etsy
Graffiti by Banksy - Photo by Little Brown Pen 
Love Never Fails - The Vintage Bliss Collection by Vintage Invites
Organic bamboo and vintage lace napkin rings with by French Felt on Etsy
Vintage collage cuff bracelet by Lonkoosh on Etsy
Envelope addressing and calligraphy by Laura Lavender Art
Gorgeous bow necklace by Untamed Petals
Eat, Drink and Be Merry napkins by Lemonade Makin' Mama
Cutest charm ring by Bella Mantra on Etsy


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Artists we LOVE - Joy Thigpen


Joy Thigpen is the creative director for Once Wed, and a provider of fairy dust to events, interiors and editorials. She captures beauty perfectly and her taste is exquisite! 

Find gorgeous inspiration from her dreamy blog where she posts her mood boards. Here are just a few to give you a little taste of her work.


1. Anja Rubik in Chloé on Cafe Mode 2. unknown  3. Nicolette Camille 4,5,6. unknown


1. natasha 2. Vogue  3. via broutine 4. B & B Italia via Lotta Agation 5. From Me To You 6. Crezana Design


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A Guest Book Alternative: The Love Seat

Loveseats are seats that are designed with two in mind (think two seater chairs - sometimes in an ’S’ shape so that lovers can face each other whilst sitting in them). Originally the love seat was designed in the 17th and 18th centuries to accommodate the sizable dresses of the time, but later in the 19th century took on a more amorous purpose, as the name would suggest, it is also sometimes called a Courting Chair.

If you are looking for a fun alternative to having a classic guestbook at your wedding you could try having a loveseat instead! Which is both decorative and a little quirky.  This way you can keep your wedding guestbook out in the open rather than gathering dust on your shelf (perfect icebreaker for dinner parties, especially one’s where it’s your partners bosses etc  and the only thing you have in common is the fact that you are both stuck for something to say in an awkward situation. 

A wooden love seat that all your wedding guests could sign could then later be displayed either in your garden or house, as a special memory of your wedding day. For the idea to work you would need to find a wooden loveseat or something similar (perhaps a two seater garden seat, or swing). The possibilities of colours and styles are endless, but the idea is to have your guests sign the seat, with either a thicker permanent ink pen or a thin paint brush, during the course of the wedding. After the  wedding be sure to varnish your seat with clear wood varnish so that it is less susceptible to the elements.  If you would also like a book of some kind you can always go along and take a picture of each message and stick them in a photo-album, which would also be a nice keepsake (like maybe if the movers dropped the chair during a move later on in life ;) ).

Guest post by the lovely Emma Hietanen


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Rustic Greens and Browns Shabby Chic Country Wedding

Before we begin, let it be known that peridot green is by far a favorite around here. I can't even pick a favorite piece on this board because it all takes my breath away. I love the naturalness of all of it. It just looks alive. I think the warm brown is beautifully complimented by the vibrant peridot/apple green.


The wedding dress by Beautifully Modest is just that; absolutely beautiful but still down to earth and not princessy at all making it just perfect for a laid back, rustic wedding. I love the flow of the skirt. The whole look is just pretty without being fussy. Bridesmaids wearing bright green with beautiful green bouquets with brown shoes and brown accessories would be a gorgeous rustic combo.
To match the vibrant colors you can accessorize any outfit with a beautiful shrug or bolero. It adds some continuity and adds a touch of to your gown at the reception. Shown here is a gorgeous custom made apple green raw silk dupioni wrap by Bonzie on Etsy. Gorgeous and unique. 

A wonderful bridesmaids gift would be these gorgeous Peridot tree earrings by Ethora on Etsy. Also available as necklaces and are just perfect, and in Jo’s words “absolutely gorgeously unique and stunningly utterly to die for!” So rustic and they come in many different semi precious stone in a variety of colors making it easy to mix and match to create a perfect combination for your bridal party. 

Featured here is the Jennifer Rustic green and brown wrapped wedding invitation. A beauty by Vintage Invites of course, that has been included in Etsy’s Gift Guide as well as multiple treasuries. We love the vintage country look and the warm colors of this piece. Really sets the tone for a rustic yet classy wedding. 

I love the idea of simple bright green Kermit Mums and Spider Mums as flowers for both your decor and as the main flower for the bridal party. They are simple, no fuss, natural and Fresh You get that great pop of color, and they certainly don’t lack that "wow" factor! For the bridal bouquet we love the idea of using an everlasting bouquet. Why not make your bouquet a keepsake and have it custom made with silk flowers? Shown here is a gorgeous bouquet by Ardesign on Etsy featuring
brown feathers, light green cymbidium orchids, brown hydrangeas, ivory hydrangeas and champagne roses.
These great wedding ceremony programs are also by Vintage Invites. They are tri-fold, leaving lots of space for the ceremony details, the bridal party info as well as poems, quotes, thank you notes and whatever else you would want to add to your program. Gorgeous clean lines with ribbon and paper colors that can be mixed and matched to suit your floral arrangements. They also come in a luxury version that includes several layers of ribbon as well as wax seals! How gorgeous is that!?
We’ve found another ring “pillow” that we totally love and this again is a wonderful spin on a boring tradition. The Tree Ring Pillow by  The Little Wee Shop on Etsy is a little piece of that  would be especially great in a rustic wedding or an outdoor affair. Love it!
I also love this simple, beautiful berry pomander by Mackensley Designs on Etsy for your flower girl. I think it is breathtaking pretty. So very simple but speaks volumes. 

I love the idea of having your reception in a converted barn. It's quirky without being crazy and the decor provides endless possibilities!
Loads of bright green flowers and paper lanterns will brighten up any dark space and make it vibrant and lively. Another great idea for decor are these wonderful green lanterns to lighten up the aisle or the reception area..
To go with the whole rustic theme we found these gorgeous “live” escort card/favors. Just a simple stalk of bamboo in a glass or jar will sprout new roots so your guests can plant them at home. Love it! Last but not least we have this fabulous cake! Deep chocolate colors with green grapes cascading down the side. Very vintage chic and country at the same time. Perfect for a rustic wedding.
This look is a winner in my book! 

Another guest post by the lovely Jade Simpson


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Lovely Ladie No. 1 - Emici Bridal

If you've read some of our previous articles you probably already know that we love to support handmade. We decided to start this segment to introduce the fantastic artists behind the gorgeous products that really make the little details at weddings stand out. With the most gorgeous vintage style handcrafted silk roses we have ever seen and ring pillows that will lighten up your aisle, we knew we had to feature Emici Bridal. We're so happy she took the time to let us interview her.


TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF… My name is Marie Conrad and I live in Washington State, USA and I am the creator of Emici Bridal. I am a strong willed romantic type and I put that into my designs.

WHAT FIRST MADE YOU WANT TO BECOME AN ARTIST? I don't remember ever thinking I wanted to be an artist, I thought everyone was an artist in their own way. I think that I was probably looking at the design of anything I created as a personal challenge and wanting to make it as beautiful as it could be. My childhood environment taught me this I am sure. My entire family has always created beautiful and unique things, so to not create your very best would feel strange. If it was worth creating it should have your whole heart in it. These sorts of things are outward expressions of you and may be around long after you are gone. If somebody else loves what I have created for them then I feel good. Recently I have started to think of myself as more of an artist as my designs become more complex. I have a lot of ideas that are waiting for their turn in reality. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT YOUR JOB? Customer photos I think. The first time that I received pictures from a bride it made my eyes well up with tears. It was a pillow that I created for a wedding in Indonesia. I had worked closely with the bride for this custom order. Seeing the pillow that I made in my studio with all the materials that I had collected from different sources in the hands of an adorable ring bearer across the globe amazed me. I treasure all my customer photos. 


CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS? First of all music, this helps me focus more clearly on my designs. My process is always evolving and building upon the past techniques. If I have a certain design that I am hired to create then the design process is very precise in vision and ultimate goal. If it is a dreamed up design then it usually calls for me to have tons of materials out until a couple speak to me and then I can edit and fine tune. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Professionally one of the things that inspires me is elaborate textiles. Usually I just need to see a material and I begin to pair it with things I know I have in my inventory. It's like a mental match game. Personally people inspire me. I love to see people going about their day, driving their cars or flying on a plane to get to where they are going. We all have these lives that we have carved out for ourselves and I strive to mold mine the best way that I can.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO PROCESS AN ORDER? Orders are usually processed very quickly provided I have all the materials in stock. If I need to order something for a custom order it can add about two - three weeks to the process. Anything that takes over a week to fill is always clearly stated in my shops. Customers can email me at anytime to ask about a certain item if they need it quicker and we can make special arrangements. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DESIGNING? For wedding items? About 10 years now in one form or another but I guess that does not count all the other non Emici Bridal items. It's funny how fast time can go by but when you look back you see how far you have come and also how far you have to go. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR COMBOS? I can't really say that I have a favorite color combo. I think for me it is more about the subtle collections of the colors and how they relate to each other. Often the materials in one design come from several different sources so for me the joy comes from them joining seamlessly and producing a brand new product. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCT YOU SELL? Right now I am really enjoying working with the silk roses that I am making. They are fairly new and still have a lot of different applications they can be used for and construction techniques to be explored. I have plans for these that I am mulling over in my head. 


DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE WEDDING GOWN AND ACCESSORIES... If I were to imagine myself wearing a wedding dress again today I think it would be tailored, simple and elegant. My accessories would be handmade of course featuring vintage accents. I would want to support artists and there are so many to choose from. It would feel good if I could return that favor to the universe. If I wore a veil it would be small, maybe a birdcage veil and my hair would be down or in a loose updo. Now you have me thinking about it, I want to play dress up.

WHAT THEME YOU WOULD WANT FOR YOUR WEDDING? I saw a wedding on a blog recently that was outdoors in a gorgeous natural setting with a building on the property for the reception. It was simple, intimate and relaxed. There were small details that gave it identity but it didn't look overdone. The bride and groom were beaming with ease and happiness. If I was to have a wedding now it would be like that, an elegant small celebration with family and friends to share. WHAT COLOR SCHEME WOULD YOU CHOOSE? It was light pink and ivory but now it would be deep taupe, champagne and the flowers would be different shades of light pink to deep fuchsia peonies...I think. That may be the hardest detail to commit to but I think it would appeal to the eye.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO A BRIDE PLANNING HER WEDDING? Shop ahead of time if you can so you won't feel rushed at the last minute. Also to expect some things to not go smoothly. Unexpected events happen in any wedding and you should not let it ruin such a beautiful moment. Also hire a professional photographer! Photos are the way that you will remember your wedding for the rest of your life. This is the area that I would splurge. IS THERE A QUESTION YOU WISHED YOU WOULD BE ASKED WHEN INTERVIEWED? No, I can't think of a question that I wished to be asked. I have more questions that I would like to ask others. 

HOW CAN BRIDE'S CONTACT YOU? Email: marieconrad@emicibridal.com or visit Emici Bridal's Website


The photos are courtesy of Easy Dreamer photography and Emici Bridal.
The two styled photos were part of a fall inspiration shoot featuring work from Easy Dreamer Photography,
Romancing the Stone Styling, Shasta Hankins Make-up, Hair by Ashley Derr, Hair Pieces by Emici Bridal,
Flowers by Epiphany Floral and Erica’s Expressions Floral. She shoot is featured on Green Wedding Shoes


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Greens, Greens, Greens!!!

I love this inspiration board. Of course, as I have said before I am in serious lust with the color. It is like sunshine on a cloudy day. How could you not just love it. I love using the idea of natural things as much as possible. Whether it's taking pictures in a great natural field or using leaves for your ring pillow or to add some "wow" to your cake. So simple, so cost effective and so beyond lovely!



I love the idea of an abundance of green. The more natural and earthy looking the better! From the bridal bouquet, to the bridesmaids, to the boutonniere (oh and did you notice the picture in the grooms pocket instead of a boring ol' swatch of fabric...could you die? I think I did... love it). I love the use of green hydrangeas. They look gorgeous on the back of a chair or as a centerpiece. Greens are great because you can use many shades and it will still look perfect. Add some slices of lime or lemon to the vases for a fresh feel...and voila...instant gorgeousness! Pretty close to perfect in my eyes!

The ring pillow shown here is so simple and can be created by your florist. Any broad green leaves will do. Add a few small Kermit Mums or a single Spider Mum in the center, tied with a little ribbon and you’re set. Original and very very GREEN. How pretty would a ring look glittering on that bed of leaves!?

Any simple white cake with clean lines can take a whole new turn by adding Cymbidium Orchids. This cake is just gorgeously vibrant and fresh!


Featured here are Petit Peacock programs from Peacock Invitations on Etsy. Real little drops of heaven. Cute, small and easy for your guests to bring home and the original artwork is just stunning. They would also look great in your wedding album or a frame celebrating your special day too!


I am IN LOVE with these earrings by Human Kindness on Etsy. So sweet and understated but so pretty and a perfect "pop" to your dress or make perfect bridesmaids’ gifts for your girls. More than anything, what’s better than supporting handmade AND supporting a good cause!?

Also shown here is a satin sash with three gorgeous vintage style ivory silk dupioni roses. Such a gorgeous way of making your dress unique. Yes, we are obsessed with Emici Bridal’s work;) So vintage, so perfect!


I know we’ve portrayed these before but we just love the natural look and think starfish make great favors and here they are they also serve as escort cards. And again another favor, that gives you more bang for your buck are the fans. Pretty and functional!

All you need to tie these two beautiful options into your wedding is some ribbon to match your color scheme.

So, green bridesmaids dresses, green cake, green stationary, green favors, green floral arrangements and bouquets... Like I said I am in lust with this color. *sigh*

Guest post by the lovely Jade Simpson 


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Purple Splendor

All you have to do is choose ONE color. As this inspiration board shows how you can use many tones of the same color and it turns out looking fabulous and delicious.  My first thought was purple. I’ve never been a “pink girl” myself so whenever having to choose something extra feminine or sensual I’ve always gone with anything in the purple to wine red range.  Here’s a little taste of this tasty mix and match adventure we went on.


Have your bridesmaids wear different shades of purple and have them carry different flowers but in the same shades as the dresses you choose. To make this look work it is essential that the fabrics are similar. This idea of mixing and matching works both for vintage, classic and modern style weddings so your dream dress will fit right in. The men can wear ties in the same shades as the bridesmaids and have peacock and blue bell or lavender boutonnieres. 

We are big fans of Emici Bridal’s brooches and sashes. Shown here is a beautiful royal purple depoini silk flower with a vintage accent in the center. Perfect for a bridesmaid  or even the mother of the bride. They come in a large variety of colors and sizes. We have also been addicted to Bethany Lorelle’s designs lately. Featured here is one of  Bethany Lorelle gorgeous designs, a lavender headband with amazing vintage style feathers and black beaded accents! Just one of their many unique pieces and going for only $28 this beauty is very very affordable. 

The invitation featured here is the Mercedes line from Vintage Invites. A vintage style invitation featuring purple peacocks and shimmering envelopes. Finished off with a purple ribbon and a peacock feather... pretty and very unique. 

A beautiful royal purple cake with gold accents so beautiful it will be hard to cut into! Makes for a gorgeous piece of art to display at the reception dinner. The heart shaped lollypops, featured here wrapped in clear wrapping with a little ribbon and a thank you note, make simple and yet so sweet favors. Unique and appreciated by most. 

It’s amazing how many flowers you can find in the same hews and how well they go together and can all be used in the same bouquet without it looking like your grandmother’s back yard gone wrong. This board is dominated by many different flowers from scented lavender, purple roses, lilies and lilacs to hydrangeas, tulips, peonies and rich dark purple calla lilies, amongst many more. It’s like a florist’s dream!
Hope you love it...

xoxo... Josephine 


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Neurtral Vintage Whispers

Most of the time we get orders for rich jewel tones or bright contrasting colors so it has been a pleasure to have a round of natural subtle colors that blend together and sooths the eye like a summer breeze. LOVELY is the word! Think destination, think beach, sand, dried grass and the smell of the ocean mixed with classic vintage, clean tenderness and you get to where this inspiration board is at.
The invitations featured here are perfect for any destination wedding and are created by us! The guests open a vintage recycled paper envelope to find an off peacock feather on natural fibered paper tied up with real dried raffia grass. Inside the wrap is a vintage passport with the invitation wording as well as all the details needed for a destination wedding. So unique and personal to truly set the tone for what’s to come. We also feature the matching menu card here. Place these on each table setting and your reception will take that vintage twist in a heartbeat. All this stationary has been aged to get that authentic look. 
“Wonderfully stunningly and absolutely breathtakingly beautiful” doesn’t even begin to describe this dress by Kelima K from New York City. So delicately soft but its lace shows off such a strong vintage vibe. We are IN LOVE with every little detail in this dress! 
A sash or some flower brooches can swiftly freshen up any dress and give them a unique and personal twist. Featured here is a beautiful off white silk dupioni flower on a pale pink satin sash by Emici Bridal. They also provide matching ring pillows that could tie the ceremony all together. Having the bridesmaids wear champagne colored dresses is a great way to keep any beach ceremony bright, sunny but still vintage. Again adding a unique flower brooch or ribbon to the dresses gives a nice vintage accent to any modern dress. 
For a touch of peacock without all the vibrant colors the headband from Live In Style one Etsy is just wonderful. Created using eyes of off white peacock feathers it brings the essence of vintage to your look for as little as $18!!! We showcase a beautiful vintage style filigree ring her from Paradox on Etsy and it goes for under $20 if you can believe that! Perfect as bridesmaids’ gift or even for the bride as her “something blue.” Another "something blue" could be this beautiful bracelet Belle from The Peach Tree on Etsy. A simple combination of Aqua Quartz faceted flat ovals gemstones. At only $41 this is another very affordable piece. So natural and stunning.
CEREMONY AND RECEPTION Having a wedding in a tropical place or even just near the sea really opens up a world of possibilities for cute favors and ceremony decorations and for those wanting to “go green” here come a list perfect favors as that are 100% biodegradable.
Woven Palm fans at the ceremony are both useful and very tropical. When celebrating in sunny warm weather bottle water is also a great idea at the ceremony and can be handed out along with the fans. Tied up in a brown paper bag you give your guests a sweet little extra comfort as long as your wedding ceremony lasts. Rice is outdated as we now know that it is unhealthy for the birds. Go with regular bird seeds, easy and clean. Here we show them wrapped in off white tulle and tied with olive green and pale pink ribbons to go with the theme. Choosing the right colors for these DIY projects really can help tie them in as a part of your wedding.
For a beach wedding Star fish are always a hit. Wrapped in a little colored ribbon they fall right in place in any color scheme or theme that includes a natural look. They make for gorgeous keepsakes for your guests as well as look incredible pretty laid out at your reception. The last favor option we show in this inspiration board is a pack of five hand stamped cards tied up with raffia and dried flowers! They run on the more expensive end when it comes to favors but are most certainly in the “beautiful AND useful” category. They can be personalized with artwork from the couple’s wedding invitation or simply an meaningful image. Hope you love it like I do... Stay tuned for part deux, trois, quatre, cinq!


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Real Weddings: Destination, Mexico!

In the spirit of all things wedding (or perhaps simply because I’m a hopeless romantic!?) we’re starting a project to feature actual weddings of bride and grooms we’ve had the pleasure of working with at Peacock Invitations. What better way to showcase the variety of atmospheric themes P.I. helps to create? And to share some inspiration with other brides in the midst of planning their big days.
We'll call this series "Real Weddings"...

For our first “Real Weddings” post, we get to peek into the grand Mexican affair of Kerstin Recker and Lucien Alexandre’s wedding. Though she grew up in the Midwest and he between New York City and Miami, when it came to the wedding day of their dreams, it was inspired by their love of Salsa and affinity for Mexico. The peacock twist came literally in a dream Kerstin had after she fell into a frustrated sleep while trying to decide what to do for her wedding’s theme. She woke up, googled peacock invitations, and found us! How great is that?!  She chose our passport peacock-themed invitation since their wedding would have a Mexican destination, and because of she and her soon-to-be husband’s interest in world travel (They even spent the first 5 months of their married lives travelling around the world! Some of their travel stops included Argentina, France,Tanzania, The United Arab Emirates, and Cambodia. You can check out their travel blog for details…

When it comes to the details of her bridal attire on the big day, Kerstin knew a few things for certain: she wanted soft makeup, a unique and “beachy” hairstyle, and a sapphire necklace from designer Elisa Ilana to complement her wedding ring. The dress, though, was  not so easily decided on. “I had no idea what I wanted,” Kerstin recalls. “I wasn't the girl who dreamed about a wedding my entire life.”  She was fortunate to work with an excellent sales assistant at RK Bridal in NYC, and found what became the perfect dress— “a strapless, mermaid, lace dress with a little bit of a flamenco flare.”  With a few cosmetic alterations, like removing the back buttons and replacing it with a corset tie-up, Kerstin made the dress her own.


After 5 months of wedding planning, the Mexican seaside affair changed venue at the last minute due to rain! But the planned-for atmosphere was retained in the little touches—peacock feathers slipped in with the deep purple and white calla lily arrangements, and hand-painted maracas for unique and festive wedding favors. The day before the wedding, the Bride and Groom got to spend quality time with their guests by taking them to Tulum, the ruins of an ancient Mayan walled-city on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Kerstin’s advice to other bride’s looking toward their wedding day? “Follow your heart. Don't let anyone steer you towards something you don’t want. But don’t get overly obsessed with every single detail. You need to enjoy the ride a little bit.”  In the end, Kerstin and Lucien’s special day was a perfect (and beautiful-- just check out the stunning photos!) example of “enjoying the ride"...

Photography by: Alberto Aldano of Claudia Rodriguez's team at Claudio Photo Studio


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I've Got the Royal Blues for Green Victorian Affair!

This makes me want to get married again. I don't see how you can possibly look at this mood board and not feel inspired.
As you will soon come to find, Jo and I love all things vintage. I love so many of the things on the board because they are throwbacks to the "good old days". We are both also inspired by natural materials so you can expect to see lots of natural yet classy design. Hopefully, we can inspire you to think outside of the box and see things you wouldn't normally look twice at as beautiful! It's all about the details...


My favorite item on the board has to be the Janellie Lovebirds invitation from Vintage Invites. I love that it is literally in my eyes the perfect shade of green. It makes me think summer. It is a bright, cheery and inspiring color even though it is very bold and in your face, which I love. It sets the tone for the whole wedding. I think if I received this invite in the mail, I would clear my calendar and make sure to go to the wedding, then again, if I see green, I'm there;)

Another show stopper for me has to be the unbelievably beautiful Victorian Overcoat from Crimsom Empress by Countessa on Etsy. “Dress to Empress” is their motto and this piece certainly does the job! I personally hate that the only option for bridal gowns now, is strapless. Let's face it, we don't all weigh 100 lbs and have perfect breasts. If you feel like it's flowing over, it probably is. Sophisticated modesty can be just as sexy as an abundance of cleavage and I think this overcoat is the perfect example of this. It stands out for all the right reasons and more than anything I love that it looks like something a heroine of a Jane Austen novel would wear. But again, I am a lover of all things vintage inspired. It is a bold choice but if you can carry it off, I can just about promise you, your stunning Victorian look will be the topic of discussion for days to come.

 A wonderful pop of color you can achieve even if you aren't wild enough for the overcoat is a bright shoe. I love the blue shoes on this mood board! They are made perfect, at least in my eyes, by their beautiful brooches. Adding shoe clips or vintage brooches is an affordable way to make your shoes personal and one of a kind... Be still my beating heart!

Sapphire jewelry gives a beautiful and elegant pop of color for you or your bridal party. If you can’t afford the real gemstones or just don’t want to spend large amounts on accessories, the pieces showcased here using Swarovski type crystals will give you the same look but won’t leave you high and dry. The Traveler, a vintage looking pendant is from Faeries Treasures on Etsy is a great example. Believe it or not, this gorgeous piece goes for only 33US$.

A beautiful clutch or dressy purse also adds some vavoom to your bridal party. The one featured here was found on Etsy and features both the colors of this theme so it’s a great way to incorporate the colors and accent the bridesmaid’s dresses with something pretty that your girls can use time and time again once the wedding has come and gone.

Last but certainly not least...I think the perfect icing on the proverbial cake so to speak is a lush, beautiful fascinator for your hair by Just Me Jewelry on Etsy! Very vintage, totally beautiful and completely affordable at only 36$ Your bridesmaids can wear the Something Blue No. 5 from Originals by Lynette on Etsy to finish off the look.

When it comes to flowers, nothing would be more beautiful than having your bridal party carry some bright blue Hydrangeas, very pretty and yet they wouldn’t overshadow your green bouquet with green Cymbidium Orchids and white Roses or Calla Lilies. The gentlemen can wear an Orchid or Calla Lily boutonnière with blue accents.

I fell in love with this floral ring, covered with bright green Kermit Mums with blue studs and deep blue ribbon to finish it off. It is a wonderful alternative to a tiny little, let’s face it often tacky looking pillow. Ask your florist for help with this one. Nothing looks fresher than this bright green beauty!

A great idea for centerpieces are simple vases in a variety of sizes and shapes. I think that a simple, bold flower looks unbelievable in these! I also love that it isn't matchy matchy. Very vintage. Who knew that cabbage could look this classy! Cheap and gorgeous and very different. Other ideas for filling the vases is lemon and lime, whole or sliced, Brussels Sprouts (yes, I said Brussels Sprouts!), submerged Roses or Daisies... the possibilities are endless! 

I also love the idea of using cobalt glasses. It is rich, exotic and beautiful and would work as a wonderful contrast to the bright green centerpieces.

If you think that the look of the cobalt glass is too much for you how about serving your guests, a special green colored cocktail? It's the best of both worlds. You can even name the drink something special and personal. A Peacock Bride’s Elixir or Green Love... make it something unique and totally you. If you’re not serving alcohol, you could always make a virgin beverage. 

That’s all for now, stay tuned for part deux... hope you love it!

Guest Post by the lovely Jade Simpson 


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