September 14 2011 Wednesday at 08:12 AM

I've Got the Royal Blues for Green Victorian Affair!

This makes me want to get married again. I don't see how you can possibly look at this mood board and not feel inspired.
As you will soon come to find, Jo and I love all things vintage. I love so many of the things on the board because they are throwbacks to the "good old days". We are both also inspired by natural materials so you can expect to see lots of natural yet classy design. Hopefully, we can inspire you to think outside of the box and see things you wouldn't normally look twice at as beautiful! It's all about the details...


My favorite item on the board has to be the Janellie Lovebirds invitation from Vintage Invites. I love that it is literally in my eyes the perfect shade of green. It makes me think summer. It is a bright, cheery and inspiring color even though it is very bold and in your face, which I love. It sets the tone for the whole wedding. I think if I received this invite in the mail, I would clear my calendar and make sure to go to the wedding, then again, if I see green, I'm there;)

Another show stopper for me has to be the unbelievably beautiful Victorian Overcoat from Crimsom Empress by Countessa on Etsy. “Dress to Empress” is their motto and this piece certainly does the job! I personally hate that the only option for bridal gowns now, is strapless. Let's face it, we don't all weigh 100 lbs and have perfect breasts. If you feel like it's flowing over, it probably is. Sophisticated modesty can be just as sexy as an abundance of cleavage and I think this overcoat is the perfect example of this. It stands out for all the right reasons and more than anything I love that it looks like something a heroine of a Jane Austen novel would wear. But again, I am a lover of all things vintage inspired. It is a bold choice but if you can carry it off, I can just about promise you, your stunning Victorian look will be the topic of discussion for days to come.

 A wonderful pop of color you can achieve even if you aren't wild enough for the overcoat is a bright shoe. I love the blue shoes on this mood board! They are made perfect, at least in my eyes, by their beautiful brooches. Adding shoe clips or vintage brooches is an affordable way to make your shoes personal and one of a kind... Be still my beating heart!

Sapphire jewelry gives a beautiful and elegant pop of color for you or your bridal party. If you can’t afford the real gemstones or just don’t want to spend large amounts on accessories, the pieces showcased here using Swarovski type crystals will give you the same look but won’t leave you high and dry. The Traveler, a vintage looking pendant is from Faeries Treasures on Etsy is a great example. Believe it or not, this gorgeous piece goes for only 33US$.

A beautiful clutch or dressy purse also adds some vavoom to your bridal party. The one featured here was found on Etsy and features both the colors of this theme so it’s a great way to incorporate the colors and accent the bridesmaid’s dresses with something pretty that your girls can use time and time again once the wedding has come and gone.

Last but certainly not least...I think the perfect icing on the proverbial cake so to speak is a lush, beautiful fascinator for your hair by Just Me Jewelry on Etsy! Very vintage, totally beautiful and completely affordable at only 36$ Your bridesmaids can wear the Something Blue No. 5 from Originals by Lynette on Etsy to finish off the look.

When it comes to flowers, nothing would be more beautiful than having your bridal party carry some bright blue Hydrangeas, very pretty and yet they wouldn’t overshadow your green bouquet with green Cymbidium Orchids and white Roses or Calla Lilies. The gentlemen can wear an Orchid or Calla Lily boutonnière with blue accents.

I fell in love with this floral ring, covered with bright green Kermit Mums with blue studs and deep blue ribbon to finish it off. It is a wonderful alternative to a tiny little, let’s face it often tacky looking pillow. Ask your florist for help with this one. Nothing looks fresher than this bright green beauty!

A great idea for centerpieces are simple vases in a variety of sizes and shapes. I think that a simple, bold flower looks unbelievable in these! I also love that it isn't matchy matchy. Very vintage. Who knew that cabbage could look this classy! Cheap and gorgeous and very different. Other ideas for filling the vases is lemon and lime, whole or sliced, Brussels Sprouts (yes, I said Brussels Sprouts!), submerged Roses or Daisies... the possibilities are endless! 

I also love the idea of using cobalt glasses. It is rich, exotic and beautiful and would work as a wonderful contrast to the bright green centerpieces.

If you think that the look of the cobalt glass is too much for you how about serving your guests, a special green colored cocktail? It's the best of both worlds. You can even name the drink something special and personal. A Peacock Bride’s Elixir or Green Love... make it something unique and totally you. If you’re not serving alcohol, you could always make a virgin beverage. 

That’s all for now, stay tuned for part deux... hope you love it!

Guest Post by the lovely Jade Simpson