December 05 2011 Monday at 06:21 PM

Purple Splendor

All you have to do is choose ONE color. As this inspiration board shows how you can use many tones of the same color and it turns out looking fabulous and delicious.  My first thought was purple. I’ve never been a “pink girl” myself so whenever having to choose something extra feminine or sensual I’ve always gone with anything in the purple to wine red range.  Here’s a little taste of this tasty mix and match adventure we went on.


Have your bridesmaids wear different shades of purple and have them carry different flowers but in the same shades as the dresses you choose. To make this look work it is essential that the fabrics are similar. This idea of mixing and matching works both for vintage, classic and modern style weddings so your dream dress will fit right in. The men can wear ties in the same shades as the bridesmaids and have peacock and blue bell or lavender boutonnieres. 

We are big fans of Emici Bridal’s brooches and sashes. Shown here is a beautiful royal purple depoini silk flower with a vintage accent in the center. Perfect for a bridesmaid  or even the mother of the bride. They come in a large variety of colors and sizes. We have also been addicted to Bethany Lorelle’s designs lately. Featured here is one of  Bethany Lorelle gorgeous designs, a lavender headband with amazing vintage style feathers and black beaded accents! Just one of their many unique pieces and going for only $28 this beauty is very very affordable. 

The invitation featured here is the Mercedes line from Vintage Invites. A vintage style invitation featuring purple peacocks and shimmering envelopes. Finished off with a purple ribbon and a peacock feather... pretty and very unique. 

A beautiful royal purple cake with gold accents so beautiful it will be hard to cut into! Makes for a gorgeous piece of art to display at the reception dinner. The heart shaped lollypops, featured here wrapped in clear wrapping with a little ribbon and a thank you note, make simple and yet so sweet favors. Unique and appreciated by most. 

It’s amazing how many flowers you can find in the same hews and how well they go together and can all be used in the same bouquet without it looking like your grandmother’s back yard gone wrong. This board is dominated by many different flowers from scented lavender, purple roses, lilies and lilacs to hydrangeas, tulips, peonies and rich dark purple calla lilies, amongst many more. It’s like a florist’s dream!
Hope you love it...

xoxo... Josephine