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Lovely Ladie No. 1 - Emici Bridal

If you've read some of our previous articles you probably already know that we love to support handmade. We decided to start this segment to introduce the fantastic artists behind the gorgeous products that really make the little details at weddings stand out. With the most gorgeous vintage style handcrafted silk roses we have ever seen and ring pillows that will lighten up your aisle, we knew we had to feature Emici Bridal. We're so happy she took the time to let us interview her.


TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOURSELF… My name is Marie Conrad and I live in Washington State, USA and I am the creator of Emici Bridal. I am a strong willed romantic type and I put that into my designs.

WHAT FIRST MADE YOU WANT TO BECOME AN ARTIST? I don't remember ever thinking I wanted to be an artist, I thought everyone was an artist in their own way. I think that I was probably looking at the design of anything I created as a personal challenge and wanting to make it as beautiful as it could be. My childhood environment taught me this I am sure. My entire family has always created beautiful and unique things, so to not create your very best would feel strange. If it was worth creating it should have your whole heart in it. These sorts of things are outward expressions of you and may be around long after you are gone. If somebody else loves what I have created for them then I feel good. Recently I have started to think of myself as more of an artist as my designs become more complex. I have a lot of ideas that are waiting for their turn in reality. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT YOUR JOB? Customer photos I think. The first time that I received pictures from a bride it made my eyes well up with tears. It was a pillow that I created for a wedding in Indonesia. I had worked closely with the bride for this custom order. Seeing the pillow that I made in my studio with all the materials that I had collected from different sources in the hands of an adorable ring bearer across the globe amazed me. I treasure all my customer photos. 


CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS? First of all music, this helps me focus more clearly on my designs. My process is always evolving and building upon the past techniques. If I have a certain design that I am hired to create then the design process is very precise in vision and ultimate goal. If it is a dreamed up design then it usually calls for me to have tons of materials out until a couple speak to me and then I can edit and fine tune. WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Professionally one of the things that inspires me is elaborate textiles. Usually I just need to see a material and I begin to pair it with things I know I have in my inventory. It's like a mental match game. Personally people inspire me. I love to see people going about their day, driving their cars or flying on a plane to get to where they are going. We all have these lives that we have carved out for ourselves and I strive to mold mine the best way that I can.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO PROCESS AN ORDER? Orders are usually processed very quickly provided I have all the materials in stock. If I need to order something for a custom order it can add about two - three weeks to the process. Anything that takes over a week to fill is always clearly stated in my shops. Customers can email me at anytime to ask about a certain item if they need it quicker and we can make special arrangements. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DESIGNING? For wedding items? About 10 years now in one form or another but I guess that does not count all the other non Emici Bridal items. It's funny how fast time can go by but when you look back you see how far you have come and also how far you have to go. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR COMBOS? I can't really say that I have a favorite color combo. I think for me it is more about the subtle collections of the colors and how they relate to each other. Often the materials in one design come from several different sources so for me the joy comes from them joining seamlessly and producing a brand new product. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PRODUCT YOU SELL? Right now I am really enjoying working with the silk roses that I am making. They are fairly new and still have a lot of different applications they can be used for and construction techniques to be explored. I have plans for these that I am mulling over in my head. 


DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE WEDDING GOWN AND ACCESSORIES... If I were to imagine myself wearing a wedding dress again today I think it would be tailored, simple and elegant. My accessories would be handmade of course featuring vintage accents. I would want to support artists and there are so many to choose from. It would feel good if I could return that favor to the universe. If I wore a veil it would be small, maybe a birdcage veil and my hair would be down or in a loose updo. Now you have me thinking about it, I want to play dress up.

WHAT THEME YOU WOULD WANT FOR YOUR WEDDING? I saw a wedding on a blog recently that was outdoors in a gorgeous natural setting with a building on the property for the reception. It was simple, intimate and relaxed. There were small details that gave it identity but it didn't look overdone. The bride and groom were beaming with ease and happiness. If I was to have a wedding now it would be like that, an elegant small celebration with family and friends to share. WHAT COLOR SCHEME WOULD YOU CHOOSE? It was light pink and ivory but now it would be deep taupe, champagne and the flowers would be different shades of light pink to deep fuchsia peonies...I think. That may be the hardest detail to commit to but I think it would appeal to the eye.

WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO A BRIDE PLANNING HER WEDDING? Shop ahead of time if you can so you won't feel rushed at the last minute. Also to expect some things to not go smoothly. Unexpected events happen in any wedding and you should not let it ruin such a beautiful moment. Also hire a professional photographer! Photos are the way that you will remember your wedding for the rest of your life. This is the area that I would splurge. IS THERE A QUESTION YOU WISHED YOU WOULD BE ASKED WHEN INTERVIEWED? No, I can't think of a question that I wished to be asked. I have more questions that I would like to ask others. 

HOW CAN BRIDE'S CONTACT YOU? Email: or visit Emici Bridal's Website


The photos are courtesy of Easy Dreamer photography and Emici Bridal.
The two styled photos were part of a fall inspiration shoot featuring work from Easy Dreamer Photography,
Romancing the Stone Styling, Shasta Hankins Make-up, Hair by Ashley Derr, Hair Pieces by Emici Bridal,
Flowers by Epiphany Floral and Erica’s Expressions Floral. She shoot is featured on Green Wedding Shoes