December 05 2011 Monday at 07:41 PM

A Guest Book Alternative: The Love Seat

Loveseats are seats that are designed with two in mind (think two seater chairs - sometimes in an ’S’ shape so that lovers can face each other whilst sitting in them). Originally the love seat was designed in the 17th and 18th centuries to accommodate the sizable dresses of the time, but later in the 19th century took on a more amorous purpose, as the name would suggest, it is also sometimes called a Courting Chair.

If you are looking for a fun alternative to having a classic guestbook at your wedding you could try having a loveseat instead! Which is both decorative and a little quirky.  This way you can keep your wedding guestbook out in the open rather than gathering dust on your shelf (perfect icebreaker for dinner parties, especially one’s where it’s your partners bosses etc  and the only thing you have in common is the fact that you are both stuck for something to say in an awkward situation. 

A wooden love seat that all your wedding guests could sign could then later be displayed either in your garden or house, as a special memory of your wedding day. For the idea to work you would need to find a wooden loveseat or something similar (perhaps a two seater garden seat, or swing). The possibilities of colours and styles are endless, but the idea is to have your guests sign the seat, with either a thicker permanent ink pen or a thin paint brush, during the course of the wedding. After the  wedding be sure to varnish your seat with clear wood varnish so that it is less susceptible to the elements.  If you would also like a book of some kind you can always go along and take a picture of each message and stick them in a photo-album, which would also be a nice keepsake (like maybe if the movers dropped the chair during a move later on in life ;) ).

Guest post by the lovely Emma Hietanen