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Vintage Wedding Invitations - Addressing

If you have selected guest addressing or would like to add it to your order, please be sure to follow these guidelines when providing your guest list to insure the addressing is printed beautifully and perfectly.

Avoid abbreviations (Street rather than St., Drive rather than Dr., Boulevard rather than BLVD and so on), and spell our the state names in full (Texas rather than TX, New York rather than NY, South Carolina rather than SC and so on).

Please note that addressing cannot be submitted in an excel file as our printer won’t accept it. We need the addresses to be typed out on three to four lines in a Word file, or Notepad, without grids (not even invisible ones). The addresses should be typed out as follows:
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith
123 First Avenue (Lane, Drive, Circle, Boulevard)
Seattle, Washington 12345
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, Jr.
123 Robert Street (Lane, Drive, Circle, Boulevard)
Apartment 3
New York, New York 12345
Miss Joan Smith
123 Love Drive (Lane, Drive, Circle, Boulevard)
Houston, Texas 12345
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Williams of This Modern Romance

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